Weird Stereotypes

I have always loved hearing an outsiders opinion about the life I live.

Actually, maybe I love hearing about anyone’s opinion about anything.

And I am the type of person who hates stereotypes but it seems like a lot of people actually believe in them.

Now I will tell you guys some of the weirdest and funniest things I’ve ever heard a person say about another culture/country/religion. 

1- “When I went to Brazil, I expected finding a woman easily”


There’s a myth about brazilian women being easy. 

Brazilian women aren’t easy, specially if you’re not interesting. So if you want a woman so badly, make some effort!

2- Women are treated like shit in Islamic countries.

No country is so homogeneous that 100% of the men will treat women like shit. 

There are men who treat women like shit (surprise for you: not only in Islamic countries) and there are men who treat their women like a Queen.

3- India is totally an undeveloped country

I’m not saying India is Heaven on Earth. We all know Indians go through many struggles everyday but it makes no sense talking about India as if it didn’t have many great things to offer: India produces more technology than a lot of so called developed countries could.

Also, Indians have a heavy presence on a lot of famous universities in Europe and America. They’re nowadays considered the best engineers in the world. 

4- “You’re south african? Why are you so white then?”

Have you ever heard about the british and dutch colonization in South Africa? Do you even study history?

5- “You’re from Brazil? How is Carnival at Rio?”

I don’t know. I’ve never been there. I don’t even like carnival.

I can assure you a lot of brazilian don’t like it either.

6- Thinking every Russian hates the US and every American hates Russia

Honestly, 90% don’t give a fuck, actually (only those annoying nationalists).

7-  you are short-sighted? Can you see how many fingers I have here?

I can but I’ll pretend I can’t so you don’t piss me off saying “what about now?” every time you take a step further.

8- “He’s jewish, he must be rich”

Is being rich a law for jewish people?

9- I love Germans, with those blue eyes, blonde hair…

 Mats tho…

10- Brazilians are friendly

No, brazilians are friendly with foreigners and when they’re in a good mood.

Try to find a friendly brazilian at a 6pm traffic on a Friday.

11- Women in India are submissive

This hurts like a someone has punched me in the face.

12- Brazilian women have a good body

Any woman who works out have a good body.

13- Germans are cold

Germans just recieved a lot of refugees cheering. Germans are cool.

14- “United States is the best country in the world”

As much as nationalism is cool (if moderate) i think americans aren’t traveling enough.

I mean, have you been to Sweden?

15- The UK is amazing

Says the person who has never even heard of any country except England.

16- European people are so white

I’m glad something called “mixed people” exist.

17- Brazil… Football.

After 7×1, this one is pointless!

18- Middle East countries are in constant conflict 

Just… No.
Well, these are some stereotypes that I’ve heard before. Comment the funniest ones you’ve heard! 

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Taking back the streets of Beirut

Iain Akerman

Yazan1Photograph: Yazan Halwani’s ‘Fairuz’ in Gemmayze

“There is an alternative voice rising,” says Yazan Halwani, the young Lebanese street artist. “I’m not going to say that what I do is going to free Lebanon or change the sectarian political system, or fix any regional problem, it’s far from that. But it tells people that you don’t have to accept what’s already there.”

Halwani has just finished university for the day when we catch up, his English carrying more than the hint of a French accent. On occasion he talks 19 to the dozen, such is his passion for graffiti, calligraphy and the reclamation of Beirut’s streets from the clutches of the city’s myriad political parties. For an alternative voice, he is both endearing and charismatic.

Following a brief misunderstanding in February this year, the possibility that much of his work – and that of other graffiti artists – would be removed…

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“My Beautiful struggle” is the best of 2015

Since 2015 hasn’t ended, I’m not sure something will impress as much as this video until december. Honestly, I don’t think so.

The video was incredible for so many reasons. 

First, it was a lesson: don’t go talking about people without knowing what they’re going through. 

And as I watched other videos from Jordan I realized the happy expression she had on her face. Isn’t this what life is about? Being happy even though you’ve been through a hard moment.

This video shows the strenght a person can hold within and inspires us to go and make our wishes become reality instead of sitting and complaining that things are tough.

Jordan became a pro in something she loved doing. What’s stopping you? 

My Beautiful Struggle

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